• Arbitration has become a necessity in Cameroon for important transactions as it is the most convenient means of alternative conflicts resolution, due to somebottlenecks in our courts. The flexibility of arbitration has made economic operators to include it in their contracts as the mode of regulation of their conflicts.

      Cameroon has a modern arbitration system provided by Articles 21 to 26 of the OHADA Treaty, the OHADA Uniform Act related to Arbitration and the Arbitration Rules before the COMMON COURT OF JUSTICE AND ARBITRATION OF MARCH 11, 1999.

      Cameroon also has an arbitration centre to facilitate arbitration procedures and resolution of conflicts. GICAM (Groupement Inter-Patronal du Cameroun) Arbitration Centre is a reference in the CEMAC sub-region. The Cameroonian Chamber of Commerce also plays this role.

      All the different types of arbitration can easily be implemented in Cameroon. Besides Institutional Arbitration organized by Arbitration centre, parties to a contract can also decide to submit any difficulty deriving from their contracts to arbitrators.

      The arbitrators can take their decisions EX AEQUO ET BONO that means as friendly settler (amiable compositeur) or in accordance with the rules of law chosen by the parties.

      Our Law Firm can assist you in arbitration matters.


      Our Law Firm gives priority to conciliation whenever necessary, in order to avoid delay in settling litigations and to reduce costs.

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