Made up of 16 African countries with Cameroon being the headquarters, the African Intellectual Property Organisation better known by its French acronym as OAPI is the organisation that takes care of all IP rights among its member States.

This Institution is responsible for contributing to the promotion of the protection of literary and artistic property as an expression of cultural and social values among the member States, promoting the economic development of member States by means of effective protection of intellectual property and related rights as well as providing intellectual property training.

Our Firm is made up of well-seasoned IP experts as well as accredited IP Attorneys in front of OAPI who are well versed and have a wide experience with regard to the rules and procedures within the OAPI Jurisdiction.

Based on our proven experience, we have always been solicited by clients both at the national and international level to assist them in obtaining protection of their IP rights, be it over their inventions (Patents), trademarks, utility models, industrial designs, trade names, geographical indications, literary and artistic property, plant varieties, layout-designs (topographies) as well as protection against unfair competition within the entire OAPI region.

With the headquarters based in Cameroon, we guarantee reliable, cost-effective, expeditious and quality services to our clientele who by the end of the day always send us congratulatory messages expressing their satisfaction for services rendered.

Our services range from but not limited to:

  • Counselling on the rules and procedures of filing within the OAPI region;


  • Filing of applications and follow-up till grant of Registration Certificates of the various IP rights;
  • Renewals of all IP rights within the OAPI region;


  • Recordals of all changes that may have taken place in an IP right within the OAPI region which shall include recordals of change of name, address, assignment, mergers, licenses, securities, etc;
  • Drafting and filing oppositions and representing clients’ interests in the hearing sessions of the said oppositions;


  • Drafting and filing of counter-opposition statements;
  • Drafting and filing of restoration applications and representing clients’ interests in the hearing session of the said restorations;


  • Drafting and filing of appeals against the Organisation’s Decision which our clients may deem unfair and unjust, as well as representing clients’ interests in the hearing sessions of the said appeals before the OAPI HIGHER COMMISSION OF APPEAL;
  • Representation of our clients’ interests in front of the Civil Courts;


  • Seizure of contraband or confiscation of goods present in the markets within the entire OAPI region;
  • Renewal of trademarks;


  • Payment of annuity fees for patent applications;
General counselling in all other IP-related issues that may accrue from time to time.

Our contacts:

Tel: (237)97 27 32 04 / (237) 77 39 25 08
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