• Cameroon, Africa in miniature, is blessed with a lot of fertile soil suitable for the cultivation of all kind of crops. Agriculture is one of its main economic activities.

      Due to the richness of its soil, both cash crops (mainly for exportation) and food crops (for home consumption) do exceptionally well. In fact Cameroon is considered as the “Bread Basket” for the whole of Central Africa. This is so because due to her large yields and harvest, she is capable of subsidizing her neighbouring countries with all kind of food crops.

      At a time when many countries the world over are experiencing serious food crisis, the government of Cameroon through the Ministry of Agriculture has embarked on a vast campaign for agriculture to become the main economic activity. Many people have been encouraged to indulge themselves in agricultural activities.

      In fact the population carries out local and small scale farming. There is therefore that dire need for the agricultural sector to be industrialized so that large scale farming with the aid of machines could be practiced thereby increasing and improving upon the yields.

      It is for this reason that we encourage foreign investors to venture in this sector.

      There are still vast and virgin lands throughout the national territory available for large scale agriculture. We have well-experienced lawyers in this field who can always put you in direct contact with the local population and the State for the negotiation of land and authorization to farm. We can also assist in the recruitment of the local population as labourers in the farms, drafting of labour contracts and all other subsequent contracts, incorporation of companies, drafting of Lease Agreements and settling of disputes that may subsequently arise.

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