• In a bid to stimulate private initiative and to promote large investments designed to attract foreign investors and foreign investments, the Cameroon government in 1990 passed a law privatizing both public and para-public enterprises.

      The State was convinced that privatization was the way forward to economic redemption at a time when the country was facing serious economic crises. In fact the World Bank had to impose it as a pre-condition for granting of loans and other assistance to Cameroon.

      In this regard, the State had to outline a series of State-owned corporations and para-statals for privatization. Consequently we advise foreign investors to take advantage of this initiative and tender for the acquisition of such corporations through our Law Firm.

      We are readily available to assist you in the acquisition as well as management stages in the privatization process.

      Please contact us for more details on the process and corporations involved.

      Our contacts:

      Tel: (237)97 27 32 04 / (237) 77 39 25 08
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