• With the globalisation of the world today, many businesses are done through the internet.  This situation has developed a new form of criminality known as “CYBER CRIMINALITY”. 

      This phenomenon has become rampant in the world and is in constant development as the ingenuity of cyber criminals is developing every day.  We work to erase or reduce this phenomenon.

      The Managing Partner of NGOUANA and Partners had the opportunity to work with the Telecommunication Management Group on the preparation of the Law number 2010/012 of 21st of December 2010 relating to Cyber Security and Cyber Criminality in Cameroon.

      NGOUANA and Partners has the entire necessary tool to fight against scammers through internet technology.

      For many years, the Managing Partner has worked to detect scammers and to help potential investors to avoid scamming.

      We work in collaboration with authorities to arrest scammers who most often propose the following to their victims:

      • Adoption of children;
      • Important contracts with the administration, wood business (timbers) agribusiness (coffee, palm oil, cocoa beans, cotton);
      • Medicinal plants, etc.;
      • Protected animals.

      We help our clients to carry out investigations or feasibility studies on their behalf prior to any business in Cameroon.

      Through these investigations, we have helped a good number of foreigners to avoid great losses and also secure their investments in Cameroon.

      We always advise our clients to avoid sending any money to their business partners without us providing them with the results of our investigations.

Our contacts:

Tel: (237)97 27 32 04 / (237) 77 39 25 08
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