• This sector is now governed by Law No. 2012/006 of April 19, 2012 instituting the Gas Code. (Previously, the Gas sector in Cameroon was regulated by Law N°2002/013 of December 30, 2002). This law governs the downstream gas sector comprising transportation, distribution, processing, storage, importation, exportation and marketing of natural gas within the national territory.

      It aims at putting in place a legal framework conducive to the development of gas resources, setting up an attractive environment for private national and foreign investors in the gas sector, laying down principles governing regulation of the sector and guaranteeing the safety of facilities and environmental protection.

      This sector is open to all persons without discrimination, that is, any natural Cameroonian or foreign person residing in the Republic of Cameroon or any corporate body governed by Cameroonian private or public law. They may undertake on Cameroonian territory, any activity in the downstream gas sector, provided that such person or corporate body has been granted prior authorization in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

      We have a very vast knowledge and experience in the gas sector. Based on our experience, we have assisted many of our clients in the acquisition of concessions (for distribution and transportation), drafting of concession contracts, acquisition of licenses, acquisition of authorization (sale of gas, importation, transportation, distribution, storage), incorporation of companies, drafting of lease agreements for the acquisition of buildings, land and structures indispensable for the execution of the investment program, renewals of such concessions, licenses and authorizations as well as all other related issues within this sector.

      We also act as mediators in cases of disputes, misinterpretation of the laws, misunderstanding and differences resulting to the non execution of projects arising between our clients and the government or the local population.

      Our contacts:

Tel: (237)97 27 32 04 / (237) 77 39 25 08
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