Cameroon being a French-speaking African country alongside other French-speaking African countries has for more than 40 years compensated in advancing their economic relationship.  This has been highlighted by their common ventures to establish a common convertible currency, a common policy on central banking, as well as regulation for their financial services including the insurance sector.

Despite the general acceptance of insurance as a vital tool for economic development and economic protection of the individual and the State in any modern society, insurance still remains one of the most controversial businesses in the world.

Governed by the CIMA Code better known in French as Conference Inter-africaine des Marchés d’Assurances (Inter-African Conference on Insurance Markets), CIMA is the central insurance supervisory authority in sub-Saharan French-speaking African countries, which seeks to implement all the necessary measures to reinforce and consolidate a close cooperation in all matters concerning insurance.

Promoting the setting up of the relevant facilities to permit the insurance organisations to exchange business by appropriate methods, implementing appropriate measures to permit local investment under the best conditions to benefit the economy of their countries or of their region as well as pursuing a training policy for management and technical employees in the insurance industry to meet the needs of companies and of government services in the member States.

We offer a whole lot of services in the insurance business to our clients ranging from incorporation of insurance companies, follow-up of payment of premiums, claim of damages from victims of accidents, advice on choosing an insurance policy, representation of victims of accidents, as well as general counselling on insurance and insurance-related issues.

We can readily assist in matters concerning the insurance sector in Cameroon.

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