Governed by Law No. 2001/001 of April 16 2001 establishing the Mining Code and further amended by Law No. 2010/011 of July 29 2010, it aims at furthering and encouraging the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources necessary for economic and social development as well as poverty alleviation. The purpose of the Law is to govern mining activities and promote investments in the mining sector in the Republic of Cameroon.

We offer first class expertise information in the Mining Sector and assist clients across all aspects of the industry from the extraction/exploration stage to the exploitation/processing stage. We equally advise and assist clients on different administrative aspects such as financing, project development, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A projects), drafting of joint ventures, obtention of Mining Permits as well as other licenses that may be relevant in the sector.

Cameroon being an emerging country under the 2035 Horizon, it is experiencing a series of vast construction. The mining industry is not left out.

We guide and assist investors to carry out compulsory environmental studies prior to exploitation.

We are also useful with eventual disputes that might arise in the Mining Sector and clients’ interests at all levels.  We also provide general counselling on mining and mining-related issues.

We can also provide you with a modern due diligence check list with respect to M & A projects in the Mining Sector in Cameroon.

We give you general and specific clarification with respect to all mining issues and related matters in Cameroon.

Our contacts:

Tel: (237)97 27 32 04 / (237) 77 39 25 08

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