Labor/Employment Law

This is enshrined in the Cameroon Labour Code instituted by Law N° 92/007 of August 14th 1992 governing labour relations between employees and employers as well as between employers and apprentices under their supervision.


Beside the Labour Code, there are several other laws, Decrees and Ministerial Orders that govern relationship between employees and employers in Cameroon. The Civil Code and the Civil Procedure Code also find application in employment contract. In fact, according to Article 156 of the Labour Code, in case of silence of the said Code, Common Law is applicable.

The law recognizes the right of workers and employers without distinction whatsoever thereby favouring foreign investment in Cameroon.

Considering that Cameroon is a bijural country, the Code Civil that applies in the Civil Law jurisdictions in Cameroon, in its Article 1134 also stipulates that the contract between parties is deemed to be the law governing both parties, hence, these parties to an employment contract decide most of the clauses of such contracts.

Our Approach to Litigation and Employment Disputes

We can readily assist with the following:

  • Drafting of the different labour contracts recognized by Cameroonian laws (employment contracts of: specified duration, unspecified duration, temporary contracts, occasional contracts and seasonal contracts);
  • Obtention of Work Permits in Cameroon;
  • Obtention of entry visas to Cameroon;
  • Litigations with respect to labour contracts and others in Cameroon;
  • Assistance at the Labour Inspectorate in case of litigations;
  • Assistance and representation in court with respect to labour matters;
  • Preparation of legal formalities with respect to workers after the transfer of the company or transfer of the control of the company to a third party or to another company;

Matters We Handle, Legal Fees — and Your Next Steps

  • Control and management of risks after the transfer of a company with respect to the workers and those acquiring the said company;
  • Drafting of submissions in labour matters;
  • Determination of workers’ rights after breach of contracts;
  • Formalities for suspension of labour contracts;
  • General counselling on all labour-related issues in Cameroon;
  • Redundancy in Cameroon labour law;
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Business torts
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Partnership disputes
  • Unfair competition
  • Fraud
  • Fraudulent transfer, and
  • Tortious interference.
  • Computation of worker rights in Cameroon;
  • Registration of workers at the Social Insurance Fund in Cameroon;

Legal Guidance Customized for Your Business Needs

  • Registration of Companies at the Social Insurance Fund in Cameroon;
  • Drafting of Agreements between workers and employers prior to breach of employment contracts in Cameroon;

Assistance in recruitment of the company staff.